One of the major problems with experimentation in cooking is sometimes there are flops. Sometimes there are flops and sometimes your kids know they are flops. And sometimes your kids stick their finger in your big flop of a dinner to let you know they know it was a FLOP.

Thanks kid. I couldn’t tell already..

Tonight I made a vegan cheese that looked really good from the picture from the original blog. I hate it when things look awesome and then they end up having the texture of snot. Yes, I said snot. I almost couldn’t even eat it. Sydney kept asking me “Is this cheese?” and then when I answered in the affirmative (why do we try to fool our kids? They can read right through us) she would then say “Mmm, yummy…” in anĀ  “I’m trying to convince myself to like this” kind of tone. Don’t bother. Mommy didn’t like the snot either. Hopefully tomorrow’s dinner will turn out better.


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