I wanted to share one of my favorite projects from this holiday season with you all. Maybe it will inspire you to either get crafty, or continue with the fun craftiness this season!

Children's Felt Christmas Tree. GreenLeavesAndJam.com

I feel like Christmas time is my busiest sewing season! I have made so many things the last month or so. This Christmas tree was a special treat for me to make. I was so excited to finally put this together. I saw the idea on Pinterest and wanted to make one last year, I just never got around to it. My kiddos love to play with it too which makes it that much more special. I love that I now have this fun Christmas “decoration” that my kids can pull out and play with every year.  My little one year old (can you believe he turned one a little over a week ago!!?) loves to swipe the tree clean while I try to put them up as fast as I can. It’s been fun watching my kids play with this tree. I used felt and embroidery thread to make the ornaments and presents. For the garland I just cut out a bunch of circles and used my sewing machine, feeding a different circle in as it went. The garland doesn’t stay on the tree very well though so once it comes down this year to put it away I will be permanently sewing it onto the tree.

Children's Felt Christmas Tree. GreenLeavesAndJam.com

I cut out my tree with pinking shears and then sewed around it with my sewing machine to hopefully stop any stretching out that might have happened over years of use.

Children's Felt Christmas Tree. GreenLeavesAndJam.com

For ornament ideas I went onto Pinterest and just looked up felt ornaments and found a bunch of examples and ideas for ornaments. I decided to do some random fun ones to go along with the little bulbs, but plenty of people have just done bulbs and I think that looks great as well.
Children's Felt Christmas Tree. GreenLeavesAndJam.com

Happy, healthy, (and crafty 😉 ) holidays!

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