On Sunday someone from my church brought some homemade granola for everyone, and it was so tasty that I decided that little amount wasn’t enough. So I researched some granola recipes and made some of my own! I found the recipe on Here is the link for that recipe:

It calls for honey, which yes, I used, but you can use either maple syrup or agave in it’s stead. I also used craisins for the dried fruit, almonds for the nuts, and a handful of chopped chocolate chips. However, if I had had mini chocolate chips I would have used those instead. The granola is fantastic! The flavor isĀ  so great and the texture turned out perfect!

As a side note, my baby boy is 6 months old already!! Where does the time go? With my first I remember time going by a little slower, but with this little guy the time is flying by WAY too fast!!

School is about to get out for the summer, if it hasn’t already for you. I hope you have some fun plans for the summer! We don’t have anything major besides renovations and lots of projects that we have to get done here around our new/old house. Today I have someone coming to give us a quote on wood (laminate) floors and also on moving a heating vent that is currently in a wall we are wanting to remove.. so we shall see! Can’t wait until we have some great before and after photos to share!


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